What’s The Best Montreal Student Housing Neighbourhood?

"Loft4U 2 Bedroom Kitchen for Rent in Montreal

Are you a student heading to Montreal, searching for the ideal neighbourhood to rent? Look no further! At MyStudioMontreal, we prioritize your student journey by understanding the importance of finding the perfect living space. Let’s delve into some of the best neighbourhoods in this vibrant city, tailored to meet the unique needs of students.

Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal leads students seeking a dynamic and convenient living experience. MyStudioMontreal’s fully furnished studios are steps away from Downtown, immersing you in the city’s heartbeat.

Fast WIFI, 24/7 concierge service, and quality furnishings await, ensuring a seamless and comfortable student life. Unrivalled in its offerings, Downtown Montreal stands out as the paramount choice for Montreal student housing.


Nestled between Mount Royal and Downtown, the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood seamlessly blends artistic charm with accessibility. As a student, I appreciate the eclectic energy, trendy cafes, and proximity to educational institutions.

My Studio Montreal’s apartments in this neighbourhood provide a unique living experience with fully equipped spaces to enhance your student lifestyle. Plateau-Mont-Royal emerges as a premier option for Montreal student housing, actively supporting your academic journey.


The Milton-Parc neighbourhood becomes an excellent choice for McGill University attendees, recognized as the “McGill Ghetto.” It offers a vibrant student community, diverse dining options, and green spaces for relaxation.

Our accommodations at My Studio Montreal in this neighbourhood offer a comfortable and stylish haven, ensuring you maximize your student years in Montreal. Choosing the right neighbourhood as a student is crucial, and My Studio Montreal actively simplifies that decision. Our apartments in these student-friendly neighbourhoods offer not just a place to stay but a home tailored to your needs. Elevate your student living experience with My Studio Montreal.

beautiful apartment downtown montreal

At My Studio Montreal, we understand that, as a student, the right location and amenities significantly impact your overall living experience. Our Loft4U and Guilbault apartments strategically position themselves in prime locations, offering a place to stay and a lifestyle tailored to students.

Loft4U, nestled in the heart of Montreal, actively provides an urban-chic luxury experience in the beautiful Old Port with proximity to the city’s best restaurants, cafes, and museums.

Meanwhile, Guilbault apartments on Guilbault Ouest Street actively offer a perfect blend of comfort and convenience steps away from Downtown and universities.

Whether attending McGill University, or the UQAM, exploring the city’s cultural offerings, or navigating your student routine, our rentals provide the perfect launchpad with convenient access to major transit hubs.

At MyStudioMontreal, we actively invite you to elevate your student living experience by choosing Loft4U or Guilbault. Their location, amenities, and transportation converge to create the perfect home for your Montreal adventure. 

Book with us and maximize your student years in Montreal! Make sure your Montreal student housing is nothing short of exceptional thanks to MyStudioMontreal.

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